Dali Group Company for Consulting and Agricultural Services in Turkey

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Who Are We

A leading company consisting of a distinguished group of specialized agricultural engineers in all fields (horticulture, livestock, field and fodder crops, production of protected and field vegetables).

Agriculture is a guaranteed investment with us. in Dali Group Company we offer land reclamation and investment to our clients by our professional team to the highest quality.

Our Services

American Walnut Farms

We create, manage and operate the best walnut investment projects with the a high (ROI)


Creating the best investment projects to grow mushroom tents, and we export fresh and canned crops all over the world.

Establishing And Operating Mushroom Growing Tent Projects

  • Constructing mushroom tents with the latest technology

  • Tents management and operation

  • Crop harvesting and marketing

  • Selling and exporting crops

  • Send profits to investors

Cultivation Export

Establishing strawberry farms using the best methods

We guarantee delivering strawberrie in excellent condition after obtaining the approval of turkish health authorities, packaging them and preparing them for export, taking into account all the necessary conditions to reach you with the highest possible quality.

Exporting Fresh Cherries

We harvest the best crops of cherry red pearls and export them from our farms in the Turkish city of Manisa to all countries of the world by air to reach you wherever you are.

Olive Oil

Exporting the finest turkish olive oil all over the world


Building equipped livestock farms

managing & operating

Exporting frozen chicken all over the world